Benefits of Patchouli in Soap and Cosmetics

Ancient medicinal therapies accorded to high priority to patchouli, considering its multifarious advantages for human health. Modern medical science also acknowledges the significance of patchouli. Products made by patchouli are commonly used across the world. Patchouli soap is one of the most consumed patchouli products today. These soaps are equally hit in western and eastern markets, reflecting the wide acceptance of the herb. Experts recommend patchouli soap to those who seek utmost relaxation during bath. In fact, the soaps can be good antidepressants. And that’s not all, the patchouli soap is also considering as a cleansing product-a wonderful beauty product for women.

But before getting into details of the advantages of the patchouli soap, let’s recall what patchouli is first of all. Patchouli can be best described as a fragrant herb. The fragrance is bit spicy and woodsy, easy to distinguish from other herbs. The mesmerising fragrance of patchouli makes herb most suitable for aromatherapy. The oil extracted from patchouli is blended with other essential oils for aromatherapy. It is said that scent of patchouli can alone relax one’s mind and body. The patchouli oil is used for making soaps.

These are generally brownish in colour, mainly because of the tint of the oil. Manufacturers may change the colour of the soap, but they should keep the tint flavour of the oil in mind. It’s observed that manufacturers retain the brownish colour of the soap, perhaps to highlight the naturalness of the product. They are endowed with the same exuberant properties of patchouli found in its raw forms. And that is considered as the main USP of the patchouli soaps: the natural properties in their best forms.

As aforementioned, They are great beauty products. Its cleansing actions help remove acnes and dark spots from the skin. Thousands of women across the world have been benefitted from patchouli.

Apart from being a great beauty product, patchouli soap possess medicinal properties as well. Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties make it best panacea for cuts, insect bites or any other kind of wounds. In addition, it also helps in cases of per-menstrual syndrome and premenopausal syndrome as well. The superior fragrance helps mind control the entire body organs. And that’s not all; soaps are pretty good for taking care of sensitive skins and sensitive scalps. People grappling with dandruff and scalp problems must try patchouli soap. In case of skin allergies, fungal infections such as athlete’s foot and eczema, patchouli soap are highly advantageous.

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