Can ‘Wii’ Really Get Fit With Computer Games?

If you have kids I’m sure you’ll be aware of the Nintendo Wii, the latest games console to hit the market, and the ‘must-have’ toy for every self-respecting child in the country right now.

This machine allows the player to use the controller to replicate everyday movement within the game they are playing, whether it be tennis, boxing or even ten-pin bowling. Never before has gaming allowed you quite such interaction with the screen.

And it seems that kids aren’t the only ones getting excited about this new piece of technology.

An old people’s home in Birmingham appears to have been swept along with the craze, so much so that residents as old as 103 are entering leagues to compete in games such as tennis and bowling!

While this new gaming console is perfect for keeping kids and adults entertained, and for providing the elderly with low-impact activity, it really won’t do a great deal for younger generations, in terms of fitness and fat burning.

What it will do is improve hand to eye coordination and force people to get out of their chairs to play – both of which have to be good things! It will teach competitiveness, team work and improved concentration, but can it ever be enough of an ‘exercise workout’ to see any noticeable results, physically?

Although we would like to think it possible, entering a virtual world to get fitter just isn’t that effective quite yet.

Fun this machine may be, miraculously fat burning it ain’t!

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