Definition of Wellness

Definition of Wellness – Body Fitness and Health

Wellness and illness are ways of life. they are not isolated, but suspended in the integrated human system of each of us. If a person is ill and wish to sustain wellness, he/she will require changing in every area of how he/she lives. It means that a person has to change negative life-style to positive ones.

Wellness is defined as the optimal functioning of body and creative adapting to environment that involves the whole person. It is a state of being described as positive health. It is more than just Physical Fitness. It includes Physical Fitness but is multidimensional. The dimensions of wellness spell SPICE which stands for-

S – Spiritual aspects (Values and Ethics)

P – Physical (Fitness, Nutrition, Sleep)

I – Intellectual (Quest for Continuous Learning)

C – Community (Family, Fitness, Environment)

E – Emotional aspects (Self-esteem, Positive outlook. Mental Health)

Four essential ingredients of wellness are –

1. A long approach emphasizing permanent positive life-style changes.

2. Taking responsibility of one’s own actions.

3. Adding years of one’s life, and life to those years.

4. Making judicious choices/decisions which improve an individualize position on the life-style continuum.

Thus, the term Wellness can also be defined as the constant and deliberate effort to remain healthy and attain highest potential for well being which can be achieved through participation in regular physical activity and by following positive life-style habits. It aims to recognize those life-style habits that are detrimental to health of an individual and guide him to follow those guidelines that improve quality of life and achieve total well-being.

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