How PlayStation 3 Has Become A Giant In The Industry

The launch of the high demand PlayStation 3 in U.S. markets began in late 2004, but the actual product release hit retail shelves on November 11, 2006. Millions of PlayStation fans from around the country counted down the days to the launch date, armed with their pre-registration cards and other proof that showing they were in the running for the highly prized console.

The PlayStation 3 has quickly gained media and public recognition with its promotions and heavy marketing campaigns within the video game market. Sony has captured their fans and customer base through a series of quality products and games, and continues to do so with the PlayStation 3. The PlayStation 3 is preceded by the PlayStation and PlayStation 2, and is in direct competition with Microsoft’s Xbox 2 and Nintendo Wii at this time.

Still, it continues to be a giant in the industry for a variety of reasons. After just two weeks of the market launch, the prices online almost doubled to quickly become one of the most highly-coveted items of the year. This in itself shows promise of a strong market leader because of the consumer-driven demand.

Marketing the PlayStation 3 to different markets in creative ways was a successful strategy for Sony. Launching the console with a pre-ordering option allowed the PlayStation 3 to quickly dominate the competitive market. Millions of Sony fans already anticipated a popular product, and only a few thousand were manufactured which in turn increased its value and overall appeal. Local and national promotions, giveaways, contests, and partnering with strategic business partners were all successful tactics in increasing customer interest and continue growing its fan base.

PlayStation 3 offers unique games and a highly attractive console design. It appeals to a large market and households, and offers unique features that include wireless internet access and controllers, the ability to network with friends online, and being able to watch movies, videos, and listen to music conveniently in one place. It is compatible with other consoles, and is easily portable.

The console has become a giant in the industry because of its large customer and fan base, hat was also ready and able to pre-order the console itself well ahead of the public launch. Customer-driven sales of any product are the most profitable, and Sony was able to carry this out effectively with its marketing campaign and customer approach. The company launched a popular product in a “hungry” market, and quickly gained market share because of an effective sales and marketing strategy.

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