PlayStation Games: A Success Story That Is Unparalleled

Nintendo is said to be a pioneer is the gaming industry and we have all grown up playing the Super Mario series in our childhood. It continues to be very popular with its latest Wii games. Sony was earlier a partner with Nintendo, but after fallout, Sony introduced its own PlayStation series games in the market which brought about a silent revolution in the gaming industry. The PlayStation games were in a class of their own, and soon caught the imagination of the gamers around the world.

What started as simple and basic games has now transformed into very complex and advanced games today. Buoyed by the success of PlayStation, many players entered the market such as Microsoft with its Xbox 360, Nintendo with its Game cube and Sega with its Dreamcast. These are the dominant players in the gaming industry which has today crossed $50 billion mark, which is a staggering figure. Sony itself has sold more than 100 million units of its Play Station consoles which is a proof of the popularity of PS2 among the gamers of the world.

PlayStation games are available in CD’s which is the main reason for their popularity, and with the introduction of its latest PS2 series, Sony continues to be the leader of the pack as far as gaming industry is concerned. Some of the games of the PlayStation such as Halo, Grand Theft Auto and NCAA and NFL football have become a legend with their unparalleled success. Ask any PS2 gamer and he will tell you that playing a game on the PS2 console is a very pleasing experience. The user interface is simple and the joystick gives the gamer an unforgettable experience of gaming. It is the experience of gaming with a Play Station that makes PS2 so popular among the gaming freaks of the world.

The graphics in a PlayStation game are stunning to say the least and the audio output is also very good. A player is transported in to another world full of fantasy and role playing which is why these games are so popular. Despite being so advanced technologically, the user interface is simple and the players, whether they are beginners or experts find it easy to play and control the joysticks. One is surprised to see the minute details in the graphics which are so realistic that players feel as if they are in another world.

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